dream fragments 8/31-9/1:

[1] i accidentally break the handle off of my mickey mouse travel mug…but i guess there’s two handles, so everything is just gravy.

[2] i’m assembling a box for moving, but it’s way smaller than i thought.

these are the only type of dreams i’ve been having lately.


i love joey.

my dreams stopped being so vivid for the most part;

but some of the others seemed to have come true in a sense.

so yeah, that’s a trip and a half.

i should probably figure out what the hell i’m doing with this life before it’s too late.
i have a wicked sense of humor but i don’t know how much time i have left of being this pretty ;)


le industry boredom.

i almost wish i had rice-a-roni,

so that i could have something to cry into while not feeling too bad about the loss of at the same time.


Les Beehive – W Magazine’s September Issue

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A batch of wonderful book dedications.

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